Today Apple announced the new Mac Pro with Apple silicon and highlighted the amazing power of Softron applications. 

The new Apple Silicon M2 Ultra in the Mac Pro offers a substantial power increase from previous models. Now it is possible to encode 24 channels of Ultra High Definition (4K 60fps), instantly making the Mac Pro and MovieRecorder the largest capture solution available. This will be a valuable solution to broadcasters with large multi-camera setups such as sports venues, concerts, and production studios. For video professionals wanting the highest definition possible, MovieRecorder on the new Mac Pro encodes six channels of 8K video.

Softron’s replay solution M|Replay also sees a significant power increase from this new machine, capturing eight channels of UHD and simultaneous playback of eight more UHD channels. Softron’s core principle -- ease-of-use -- makes M|Replay popular globally, notably for its instant replay function in sports adjudication. 

Since the Apple Silicon was first announced two and a half years ago, Softron has witnessed the great potential of these chips and expanded its possibilities. Thanks to the unified memory architecture, solutions such as Softron’s graphics engine OnTheAir CG can now output eight channels, opposed to the previous single channel. Softron's video playback solution, OnTheAir Video, can now output more than 8 UHD channels on a single Mac Pro. 

The new Mac Pro marks the final computer in Apple’s lineup to go to the new Apple Silicon, and Softron could not be happier to be part of this exciting announcement. 

Established in 1982, Softron offers applications for professional video workflow solutions exclusively on Mac and serves customers in film, commercial, broadcast, journalism, business, and houses of worship worldwide. 

It's just crazy what you can do with a MacBook Pro M1 Max and our software. We use all the power of the ProRes media engines. Just an example of a benchmark: with M|Replay, in HD60p, we encoded 14 channels + decoded 14 channels, and still 40% CPU free.

Our software is mostly compatible with Apple Silicon chips. When checking for the compatibility with Apple M1 computers, there are different things to consider, depending on the software. Indeed, some external libraries may be used and may not be compatible. Or some features may note be available. Make sure to check this article of our help center.