Fellowship Church

Softron OnTheAir Video is such an integral part of making our Sunday experiences happen.

We run many playback machines loaded with this software both throughout our broadcast building and across the metroplex at various campuses. Many of these files include multi-track audio to support a click, track, and time code for our band and lighting system to stay in sync with the video content.

Occasionally, we will play our main 30m+ message from a file loaded onto OnTheAir with no lagging or dropped frame issues. We are always confident that any file we want to play will be compatible with Softron.

And, even more importantly for us, this playback system is teachable to both our internal staff and outside volunteer teams alike. We’ve had adults and young students lead out through this software, knowing that Softron OnTheAir Video can easily handle the task at hand.

We’re always pleased to discover that our playback system offers additional functions that are easy to set up on the fly, and handle changes quickly and efficiently. We’ve even last minute swapped in OnTheAir as a digital billboard in our lobby.

In addition, we use Movie Recorder to capture camera ISOs that record directly onto our SAN and use the edit-while-ingest feature to adjust our live capture almost immediately. This has greatly improved our turn around time on edits in post. This is a feature we haven’t found in another product and I know our team couldn’t be more grateful!

Softron is an important tool for our ministry - we definitely recommend it for yours too!