NHRA - Making TV in the time of the Covid virus

OnTheAir Video is one of the easiest to use playback systems.

During the COVID crisis, we had to shift our entire live production operation to an apartment in downtown LA. We’ve been using OnTheAir Video for many years in our live production for drag racing coverage, where we have two channels of playback. On any day we play anywhere from 50-100 clips a day, content ranges from 30-second commercials to features that tell the stories of our drivers.

When Los Angeles went into lockdown, I went to our facility and brought home the gear I would need to set up a production operation in my apartment. We started doing live shows with talent and drivers connecting on skype in from all over the country. Watching old races adding commentary to the original telecast, and a live version of our franchise segment Nitro time machine, rewatching historic moments with drivers.

OnTheAir Video was the only choice to allow us the flexibility to playback clips and scrub to allow for real-time replays. Using an AJA ioXT also enabled the ability to send multiple channels of audio for playout. OnTheAir Video has been with us for many years, and was there when we needed them most!

Thanks for the continued support from a fantastic product, backed by an excellent support team.

Rob Hedrick
Director of Post-Production and Supervising Producer
The National Hot Rod Association

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