Souvenirs from the earth

Souvenirs from Earth is the first cable TV station dedicated to contemporary art. They are available 24/7 on tv networks in FRANCE on freebox169, Orange167, SFRbox183 and in GERMANY on Unitymedia and Kabel BW.

Marcus Kreiss is running this TV channel for 10 years now and he has been through a couple of playout solutions.

For our latest change I choose SOFTRON. It is absolutely stable, and most important of all, it's Mac based and very easy to use.

They transform your flat screen into an ever changing work of art, giving you access to the beauty and progress of the visual avant-garde. Souvenirs from earth gives artists and art professionals more visibility in contemporary culture and have specialized in video art. All artists and filmmakers are welcome to submit their works.

In my experience, if programming gets to complex its getting hard to follow up on a daily base for a smaller channel, ease of use is essential for us, SOFTRON has it. We can script how playlists compose and easily switch between them. SOFTRON delivers service and reliability for a good price. We are developping a couple of new channels and looking into a SOFTRON playout for them as well

Marcus uses OnTheAir Video on a Mac mini together with a Blackmagic-Design Mini Monitor. It is the least expensive configuration one can imagine yet offering a professional and reliable playout 24/7.

You can watch their live stream here

Souvenirs from the earth GmbH
Ellerstrasse 99
40227 Düsseldorf