Ukraine TV5

VisionHOUSE, Softron's integrator for Ukraine, has installed a configuration of OnTheAir Node at Regional channel ТV5.

Regional channel ТV5 based in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, broke national record with 26 hours non-stop live show “Morning with TV5” thanks to the brand new infrastructure with the studio playout based on the flexible system Softron OnTheAir Node 3 and on-air graphics option Softron Dynamic Graphics Overlay (DGO).

The station has been working since 1994 covering 4 regions of Ukraine with the audience over 2.5 million people. In late 2014 our partner in Ukraine - VisionHOUSE systems integrator – won the bid on complete upgrade of the channel to launch in 2015 a next gen HD infrastructure. On 27 August 2015, «TV5» was awarded by the Ukrainian Book of Records for the longest live morning show. The TV marathon lasted 26 hours live with over 150 guests visiting the studio, connecting with various cities and countries and live feeds from different locations of the city.

We were very excited about this marathon as VisionHOUSE was the technology provider for TV5, and it was some kind of a crush test of our new project,” said Nikolay Zaluzhniy, the Managing Director of VisionHOUSE. “On behalf of our team and partners, we congratulate our colleagues with a prominent start!

It was more than upgrade, rather building a brand new modern TV channel, which technology-wise stepped over a couple of generations,” comments Sergey Kravchenko, the Project Manager of VisionHOUSE. “The customer wanted us to build a new HD-infrastructure from scratch, totally rebuild the studio, replace the ENG, playout – all within tough budget limitations. And despite the hard and challenging time our country is going through now, it was a rewarding common work and we thank the TV5 team and management for their trust in us

The technical infrastructure of the channel had not been upgraded for 10 years with all the consequences, so step-by-step upgrade was really not an option. We decided to build from scratch all workflows to allow us operate at the level of a TV company with the quality demanded at the media market of today. The internal format for data operations from shooting, editing, storing to the playout is HD, while the system of signal transmission from the TV company to the broadcasting center should provide simultaneous sending the signal to the analog and DVB Т2 transmitters.

We chose VisionHOUSE systems integrator for its significant experience in building innovative media infrastructures meeting the challenges of today’s media market. VisionHOUSE implemented the world’s leading solutions from LiveU, SONY, Fujinon, Ross Video, BroadStream, Blackmagic Design, Dexel, IFF, Apple, VariZoom, Imagine Communications and others, applied skillful training systems with online sessions with vendors – and empowered us to build a brand new TV channel with contemporary lighting in the studio, as well as digital production and playout workflows.

We thank VisionHOUSE and the TV5 team for well thought through solutions – the upgrade enhanced our viewers’ experience, raised our ratings and increased interest to our product that was crowned by the successful record-breaking TV marathon of 26 hours live. It was the first serious trial for the new equipment, which in the end proved our status of the best channel in the region.

Alexander Puliayev, Chief Engineer of TV5