Visionmill - Running shows with 100% reliability

Visionmill have been using Softron products for over 12 years now, on productions covering corporate, West End theatre, international music touring concerts and live TV. We require 100% reliability and performance for our shows, and Softron products consistently deliver this.

For playback, video delivery of “every frame, every time” is crucial. There are many software products that don’t mind if they lose a frame here or there, but OnTheAir video is NOT one of these. It’s simple and intuitive interface allows everyone in the team to operate it.

For broadcast and webcast work, we added OnTheAirCG to take care of the on-screen graphics. By writing a bespoke control interface, we allowed producers easy access to the data, make corrections and to trigger elements when they needed.

MovieRecorder was the final piece of the puzzle. When we were looking for an ingest with edit solution, it made perfect solution. In quick turn-around edits, this has changed our workflow dramatically, with editors using Premiere or FCPS now starting work within seconds, after the recording starts, due to the “growing file” rather than after the event.

Softron products are fantastic and are backed up by a responsive support team, who are always willing to listen to our feature requests.

Jonathan Bond
Director at Visionmilll