Power to the Studio!

We are very happy to be at IBC this year! We have some exciting news to share, new features that will prove invaluable to your broadcasting and production workflows. Remote control, SCTE triggers, and MOS compatibility in OnTheAir Video 4 are just a few of these improvements.

vCard Floor map
What can you see on our booth?

Softron's software are macOS applications that are very flexible and can fit in a lot of different workflows in production and broadcast. On our booth at ibc we have three workstations showing typical usage of our software. Click on the links below to know more about these, and get a demo video.

IBC Highlights

We are showing what we have added in recent versions of OnTheAir Video, MovieRecorder and M|Replay, with some long awaited features.

  • NEW @IBC: DNxHD and DNxHR now optimised for Apple Silicon
  • NEW @IBC: Added support for SRT streaming (Requires Softron Streaming Pack)
  • Optimized version for Apple Silicon computers
  • Supports HDR Wide Gamut Rec. 2020
  • Create a new file when there is a TC break
  • Log SCTE triggers received
  • Control a Blackmagic-Design Videohub or Ross video router
  • Trigger an AppleScript when recording starts or stops per scheduled recording (previously only on destinations). Can be used to control a router, show notification, or many more things
  • And more...
OnTheAir Video
  • NEW @IBC: Added "Hold to black" clip end behaviour
  • NEW @IBC: Replace a clip with a drag and drop
  • NEW @IBC: Calendar view for schedule
  • NEW @IBC: Actions redesigned for GPICommander and all actions
  • NEW @IBC: Added support for SRT in Stream Clips
  • Traffic option (integration with Wide Orbit traffic software)
  • MOS Gateway (integration with Newrooms)
  • 10bit output
  • HyperDeck Emulation
  • Status and attribute values of DGO projects are updated even when clip is playing
  • Added support for more than MIDI notes for MIDI controls
  • A lot of improvements and new features for our REST API to allow even more integration types
  • And more...
  • NEW @IBC: REST API to control playback speed and go to a specific position
  • Optimized version for Apple Silicon computers
  • The maximum session duration is now 25h (was 9h)
  • Loop Recording to allow for continuous recording (ideal for time delay). Read more about this new feature here
  • Passthrough of VANCS (CC, SCTE, ...)
  • SKAARHOJ XC8: Added the ability to connect multiple XC8 to one M|Replay. Simply configure multiple XC8 to connect to the same IP address
  • And more...