Live Production

Live productions, be it for sport, music, theaters, or anything live use most of our applications. Our playout software to show video on screen. Our recording solutions to record multiple channels. And our replay software to do instant replay in all kind of events.
We have new versions of MovieRecorder and M|Replay that have great additions to support more workflows.

What can you see here?

If you need to either record or replay video, for single or multichannel, here's where you should stop to see MovieRecorder and M|Replay in use. MovieRecorder will create growing edit-while-ingest files, now with support for Wide Gamut Rec. 2020. While M|Replay is the go to application for sports multichannel instant replay, or even for single channel time shifting.


  • Multichannel recording (up to 10 channels of 4K60p on Mac Studio)
  • Growing edit-while-ingest
  • Wide Gamut Rec. 2020 for HDR
  • Create new files on timecode break
  • Control video routers
  • SCTE Analyzer
  • Record Closed Captioning & OP47
  • Add effects and overlay
  • Record from SDI, HDMI or NDI

Video presentation
Software used on this workstation


Record Up to 24 HD Channels on one Mac!

  • Edit-while-ingest (Growing Files)
  • External audio sources (only on local sources, not supported with NDI®)
  • Effects and overlays (8-bit only)
  • Multiple destinations
  • Scheduled Recordings
  • HEVC (H.265) support
  • Fully configurable user interface 
  • NDI® sources


The first instant replay software on the Mac!

  • For video production or as an adjudication system for referees
  • While recording, immediately playback an action that just happened
  • Select the camera for output via SDI and playback at variable speed
  • Playlist editor to assemble the highlights of your recording
  • Import media in your playlist to playout just about any media file
  • Hardware controllers available (SKAARHOJ XC8, ShuttlePRO, Stream Deck)