Power to the Mac Pro!

Amsterdam: The amazing architecture. The beautiful canals. Bitterballen and stroopwafels. We are so excited! We look forward to connecting with friends, new and old, at IBC 2023 as we demonstrate new products and features.

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What can you see on our booth (7.C35)?

We have many, many new things at this IBC. “Two new applications (AMP Server and OnTheAir WebLink), an application that was announced previously and is now released (OnTheAir MOS Gateway), and a host of new features or improvements for all our existing software. See below in our highlights the new features and improvements.

Softron's software are macOS applications that are very flexible and can fit in a lot of different workflows in production and broadcast. On our booth at IBC we have three workstations showing typical usage of our software. We will be focusing on our major announcements, and of course showing how the Mac Pro is a beast of a workstation.

What's new with Sofron @ IBC

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IBC 2023 Highlights
OnTheAir MOS Gateway

NEW at IBC 2023! We started working on the MOS protocol a few years ago, and the OnTheAir MOS Gateway software is now available. OnTheAir MOS Gateway brings your NRCS workflow into OnTheAir Video in a way no other product can. Active running orders are immediately available to OnTheAir Video with story titles and MOS object status. Producers can add, remove, or rearrange stories and the playlist is immediately updated.

AMP Server

NEW at IBC 2023! At Softron, our solutions are open and there are mulitple ways to control OnTheAir Video, and we are adding one more with the support of the AMP Protocol. Bring the performance of OnTheAir Video to your live production. AMP Server makes playlists available to your switcher or production automation as media folders. You can have unique playlists per channel, per show, or even one shared playlist between all the channels. Playlists can be made manually in OnTheAir Video, or via OnTheAir MOS Gateway, or by massive folder-based playlist containing all your media in a network attached storage.

OnTheAir WebLink

NEW at IBC 2023! OnTheAir WebLink is a multi-web page broadcast video solution. Built to output web pages in video standards, even as you multitask in other applications. Leveraging the video engine of OnTheAir products, WebLink supports external keying and resolutions up to 8K. You can output to a video device such as AJA, Blackmagic-Design or Deltacast, or to NDI to use it in your production. You can also use our "direct link" feature to either record it with MovieRecorder or MovieRecorder Express or use it in conjunction with a solution such as "Singular" in OnTheAir CG or OnTheAir Video with the Dynamic Graphics Overlay option to overlay graphics on top of video.


NEW at IBC 2023! Support for High Frame Rate capture. Group multiple inputs to capture from high frame rate cameras. Thanks to the new Mac Pro M2 Ultra, amazing performances can be achieved and instant replay of 8K180p can be achieved.

  • NEW: Support for HFR capture.
  • NEW: The maximum session duration is now 25h (was 9h).
  • NEW: Loop Recording to allow for continuous recording (ideal for time delay). Read more about this new feature here.
  • NEW: SKAARHOJ XC8: Added the ability to connect multiple XC8 to one M|Replay. Simply configure multiple XC8 to connect to the same IP address.
  • NEW: Added support of bundled licenses (one serial can contain the license for multiple channels)
  • NEW: Added the ability to control playback rate using the REST API: GET /playbackrate?rate=0 (0=stopped, 1= play forward, -1= play backwards, etc...)
OnTheAir Video 4.2
  • NEW: Scheduler: New "Calendar" type of user interface.
  • NEW: Added new "Actions": Previously, in OnTheAir Video 4.1 or earlier, actions were only AppleScripts. With version 4.2, actions can be other things than AppleScript,for example, to control the graphics project or video routers directly, without going through AppleScripts. Includes router, MIDI, ATEM macros, and SCTE improvements. 
  • NEW: Added the ability to trigger an Action when a SCTE trigger is received on a video input.
  • NEW: Remote: Added the "Remote Pack" option
  • NEW: Remote: Added the ability to control OnTheAir Video, view and edit opened playlists (Using an URL such as this one: Note that this feature is Work in Progress, make sure to test before using it in production.
  • NEW: New Actions: Added the ability to use transitions when controlling an ATEM (so select an input in preview, then do the "auto" transition")
MovieRecorder 4.5.6
  • IMPROVED: Remaining disk space when using local storage
  • IMPROVED: NDI: Added the ability to select "Embedded Timecode" as timecode source.
  • IMPROVED: NDI: Now using SDK version 5.5.4