Product Discontinued

MovieStreamer HLS is an audio/video streaming application designed for Mac users looking to stream professional grade audio and video to the Net. MovieStreamer HLS accepts video from input devices that support Apple's AV Foundation and encodes the stream into HTTP Live Streaming at multiple bitrates to multiple destinations. MovieStreamer HLS is Live streaming made easy. Select your source (the video card you will use), the destinations (where you will record your stream to), the Output formats (the bitrate, resolutions that you want to use) and click on the record button. MovieStreamer HLS will create all that is required for the HLS format.

Encode to multiple bit rates and formats simultaneously

No need to be a streaming specialist to use MovieStreamer HLS as it comes with Recommended Presets that you can use very easily. Just start the application and tick which Preset you want to use. When you are ready, just start streaming.
Recommended Presets can not be modified so you can always use them as a reference. These settings are those recommended by Apple for the HTTP Live Streaming best practice.

Customise your presets

Most users will be satisfied with the Recommended Presets but in case you want to fine tune your settings, you can just build your own in the Custom Presets. You will be able to set the Resolution, the bitrate, the H264 Profile and if decide whether you want to decrease the frame rate or not.

Record to multiple Destinations

You can send your HLS streams to multiple destinations. You can record onto local storage, i.e. any mounted volume on your Mac, which can be either an SMB or an AFP volume. You can also automatically upload to an FTP server or to your Amazon S3 account. And can can use multiple destinations so that you have a backup solution for your Live streams.

Built-in integration with Amazon S3

Integration with Amazon S3 is built right into MovieStreamer HLS. As Amazon itself defines it, "Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. It gives any developer access to the same highly scalable, reliable, secure, fast, inexpensive infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites. The service aims to maximize benefits of scale and to pass those benefits on to developers". With a FREE account, you already get 5GB of free storage !

Create a QuickTime File simultaneously

In addition to providing everything you need to create an HTTP Live Stream, you can also record a backup copy of your encoding to a regular QuickTime file. We have optimized this feature so that it doesn't use more processing power - it uses the highest resolution chosen to create the QuickTime file without any need for additional encoding.

What are the advantages of HTTP Live Streaming ?

  • Infrastructure. HTTP Live Streaming does not require any specific servers; a simple Apache HTTP server will suffice. Although bandwidth requirements are the same as for other formats, there is no need to buy a Flash or RTSP server.
  • Openness. HTTP Live Streaming makes it possible to include multiple audio tracks in different languages and also multiple resolutions that the user can switch to transparently and automatically. Viewing can start at a lower resolution and then switch to a better resolution bandwidth permitting. The format is also documented and based on the MPEG-2 Transport Stream encapsulation which is still in use today in most set top boxes and cable receivers.
  • Ease-of-Use. Every web developer can build a website integrating HTTP Live Streaming, building on existing web technologies without having to use external resources or SDKs.
  • Cost Effective. No licenses or royalties are required other than what would be paid for the actual content.
  • Platform support. Most platforms already support HTTP Live Streaming. Examples are Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), MacOS X (Safari).


Make sure to test with our free DEMO version available for download before purchasing so you are sure it fits your need. In DEMO mode, the application will burn a blue frame in the recorded file or at output at some intervals. That's the only limitation and difference. After your test, you will keep on using the same application, just with the demo mode unlocked.

Product Discontinued
Main Features
MovieStreamer HLS
Stream an incoming video signal over the internet
Encode in multiple resolutions and frame rate simultaneously for adaptive bitrate (depending on your configuration)
Record to multiple destinations (Local, FTP, Amazon S3 & Cloudfront)
Create streams that are HTTP Live Streaming compliant immediately
Easy integration with your CDN
Automatically start streaming when the application starts
MovieStreamer HLS
Use the built-in Apache Server of OS X or OS X Server (Websharing) for small scale and easy streaming
Upload to a FTP server for larger scale with CDN integration
Create the m3u8 playlist and html page for easy integration
Integrate with JWPlayer 6 Premium to bring compatibility with Flash compatible browsers and devices
MovieStreamer HLS
Encode in H264
Record a QuickTime file simultaneously
Select the format
Decrease frame rate up to 3 times
Locked presets available for zero configuration requirements, just select the typical config you need.
Customizable presets
Product Discontinued
macOS compatibility
Big Sur
High Sierra
El Capitan
M. Lion

Specs and Requirements
Required version by some macOS Version

macOS 10.13: Version 1.x or later (For dongle compatibility)
macOS 10.15: Version 2.x or later (For QuickTime Classic compatibility)

Recommended macOS macOS 10.14.6 or later*
Supported Mac computers Intel Processors: Version 2.x and later*
Apple Silicon Processors: Not compatible

WARNING: Check the following article to know more

Recommended RAM 4 GB for the first channel. Then add 2GB per additional channel.
Supported Graphics Cards

All should be supported.

Supported Sources AJA, Blackmagic-Design
Hardware acceleration to encode in H.264 Intel Processors: With all Mac computers with i5 or i7 processors, running macOS 10.9.5 or later for one channel. macOS 10.13 or later is required for multichannel support
Apple Silicon Processors: All models support hardware acceleration, but MovieStreamer HLS is not compatible with Apple Silicon computers.
Compatible Storage Most storage that can sustain the required constant write speed (depending on the number of streams, the codec and format). For network attached storage (NAS), make sure to enable Macro blocks, and disable cache flushing. If you need to run tests, make sure to do long term tests.
Requires Monitor Connected (Open GL Active) Yes. Even if MovieRecorder should behave fine in most cases, it is recommended to keep a monitor connected at all times for best performances. Or you should make the macOS think that there is a monitor connected. Beware of some KVM switches that can cause interrupts in the signal.
Number of license required One complete license required per channel (source).
Supported Inputs & Outputs
Application Version First Supported Drivers Last Supported Drivers
Version 1.x 10.5.2 10.6.1
Version 2.x 10.5.2 latest
Application Version First Supported Drivers Last Supported Drivers
Version 1.x 9.7 9.9.3
Version 4.4 (Intel) 10.3.1 latest drivers

About these specifications

We know that some of our users can not upgrade their macOS very often. This is why Softron tries to maintain compatibility with older versions of macOS as much as possible, but it is not always possible to achieve. Because Operating Systems are usually significantly improved over previous versions, Softron must use many of the more capable built-in functionalities inherent in Apple's latest OS releases. Failing to do so would mean that Softron software would essentially be blocked from using the new Frameworks provided in the OS. For this reason, Softron's free support is provided only on the current and previous macOS versions. Also, most of our tests will be done on these macOS versions, and only basic tests will be done on the previous OS. We will always try to help, but in some cases, the best solution is to upgrade your macOS to a more recent version.

Softron does not warrant that these recommended configurations will always meet specific user requirements. They are intended as guidelines and are based on extensive testing that Softron has done, they can be changed without notice. Hardware, drivers, software and operating systems change regularly and we advise users and prospective users to evaluate their requirements in their specific environment/workflow using Softron demo licenses that are available for downloading from Softron's web site.

MovieStreamer HLS
Version 2.2 - 9 May 2018

Useful Resources

Installation instructions

Once downloaded, unzip the file, and drag and drop the Application in your Applications Folder.
Do NOT run the Application from your downloads folder or it will be quarantined. Always drag and drop from the Downloads folder to the Applications folder before using it.

DEMO Limitations

In DEMO mode, MovieStreamer HLS will record demo frames every few seconds in the streams.

How to unlock the DEMO version ?

Purchase a license through one of our resellers or the Softron online store, then just activate your serial number in the License window or plug your dongle in the computer.

Upgrade/Update instructions

Just download the latest version and replace your previous version. It is always recommended to run extensive tests with your specific workflow and setup before putting a new version in production. You can use a free demo version for that on a separate computer. Previous legacy versions are available from the general downloads page.

You do not need to deactivate and reactivate your serial number when updating your Softron software. Read the following article to know when to deactivate.

This software uses code of FFmpeg, licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here.

Legacy versions
MovieStreamer HLS 2.0.5
28 April 2016