OnTheAir Video, OnTheAir Video Express - Version 4.1
Apr 24

Important modifications

  • OnTheAir Video 4.1 now requires macOS 10.14 or later.
  • Some AppleScripts value types have been changed from 'number' to 'boolean' (is playing, is paused, loop, chain, cue more, is valid). If you are using AppleScripts, you should change them to test on 'true/false', instead of '1/0'.
  • We have modified the preferences pane, and have grouped the GPI, MIDI, and ATEM/Tricaster integration preferences into one single menu item: "Triggers".

Release notes for OnTheAir Video Express and OnTheAir Video

  • Added HyperDeck emulation, so you can control your playlists directly from the ATEM Software Control application. Note that the HyperDeck protocol only allows to control one channel per IP address, and thus this feature will not work for multiple channels on the same Mac
  • Added support for SpeedHQ codec
  • Added a way to relink multiple offline files at once. When a playlist is opened, hold the option key down, click on the File menu and select "Search and Relink Missing Clips"
  • Added a "Include offline clips durations" preference to set if the offline files are counted in the playlist duration and start times when the playlist is playing. Previously it was automatic depending on whether the playlist was playing or not. Note that the change is only for the playlists that are currently playing.
  • Added a "Disable direct Keyboard Shortcuts" preference. Will disable any keyboard shortcut that does not use a modifier key (control, option, command). This is to avoid user errors and a user inadvertently starting/stopping the playback when on air.
  • Added options to the "Natural" resize mode so you can choose if you want the frame to position in the center of the frame, top left, top center, etc... Previously it was only center of the image.
  • Added notifications when a "Critical Error" would happen.
  • Added a menu to force the revalidation of a clip. Right-click on a clip and select “Force Revalidation”
  • OnTheAir Video Express now supports MIDI triggers.
  • Added an option for the output preview window to always remain on top. So no window will come above the output preview window.
  • Added the support for more than just MIDI notes. When right clicking on a clip, you can now select the event type to either monitor or output: Note, After Touch, Control Change, Program Change, Channel Pressure, Pin Wheel, and set the channel and Parameters. When "learning" the input, you can manually set it up, or still just press the MIDI device button to automatically assign it to the clip.
  • Added the ability to trigger MIDI events using AppleScripts
  • Updated AJA SDK (16.2) and Deltacast SDK (6.19) to be able to run natively on Apple Silicon.
  • Updated NDI SDK to version 5.0.10.
  • Performances when downscaling ProRes files with the "Express" engine (so with OnTheAir Video Express or OnTheAir Video when "SMART Resize and Graphics" option is disabled)
  • Added support for Stream Deck MK2
  • Closed Captioning: Added support for more generic SEI NALU captioning types
  • Now showing a warning when AJA or Blackmagic-Design device is used as a system audio input/output. Cf this help center article for more info about this.
  • ATEM integration: now using the tally information in order to trigger clip start/stop instead of the various effects modules. This is more reliable and also works with super sources
  • Potential crashes when asking for an item index but item is nil
  • Issue where a clip could be skipped if a second play request was done
  • Trigers: issues with Tricasters to automatically cue and start clips
  • Output Preview window: when changing audio output settings, VU meters would freeze
  • When validating, sometimes the modification date was nil
  • Issues with some specific m2ts files with each field being separated.
  • Transparency was ignored for ProRes 4444 clips when running on M1 Pro / M1 Max computers (with ProRes acceleration).

Release notes for OnTheAir Video only

  • Added support for 10bit output. Supports Apple ProRes, DNxHR, H.264 and HEVC 10bit files. Files using 8bit can play as well but of course won't have the 10bit colors. This option requires to enable the SMART Resize and graphics option in OnTheAir Video and does not work in OnTheAir Video Express as we needed advanced color conversion to support as many codecs as possible.
  • You can now set an out point on a clip that is currently playing (note that modifying the in point will be possible, but will only have an impact the next time the clip plays obviously)
  • Traffic option: Added last modification date and Finder label in the Media Browser
  • DGO option: playback and attributes of clips are updated even when clip is playing
  • REST API: Added the ability to do "live subtitling": send text to be displayed on screen during a live.
  • REST API: Added "Bypass authorisation" preference (in the General & HTTP Server pane) to disable password and token protection
  • REST API: Added user rights to either read only, write, write and control, or full access.
  • REST API: Added a log if we can't start the web server
  • REST API: Added controls for the Scheduler
  • REST API: Updated the api.html documentation with transitions, authorizations, JIP and DGO control
  • Scheduler: When playlist is opened by scheduler it is not possible anymore to modify the playback attributes of the playlist (Chain, Loop, Shuffle, Cue). This is made to avoid confusion if the playlist automatically reloads with different attributes than what the schedule have set
  • Ross router control: now handling better the possible errors when switching so we can show a warning in case the switching did not happen.
  • Ross router control: communication could remain open, and after a period of time communication would not be possible with Ross router.
  • Scheduler: Schedule will now correctly wait for Media Browser (related to traffic option) before starting up
  • Scheduler: an issue where the scheduler was waiting indefinitely for the media browser (when the folder doesn’t exist)
  • Scheduler: If the playback was on pause and a new event started, playback remained on pause. It now starts playing when the new event starts.
  • Scheduler: Now properly restoring the window status when restarting OnTheAir Video.
  • DGO: When using a folder based ticker CG project and saving from text edit to the folder directly, it would not trigger the start
  • Secondary audio output: issue when selecting a start channel different than 1
  • Live inputs: When scrubbing, live source would freeze
  • Stream Clips: .sdp URLs were marked as invalid
  • MIDI assign: playback buttons were not assignable anymore
  • Fixed logo overlay was not working anymore on Live clips
  • CC/Subtitling: Crash with some files with CC when using directLink
  • CC/Subtitling: Closed Captioning on some mp4 files (using the SEI NALU type)
  • CC/Subtitling: Live inputs: Some CC types (when there were multiple metadata per line) now pass through correctly
  • CC/Subtitling: Possible wrong vertical position of OP47 subtitling when using .stl files
  • Possible memory issue when using NDI Live sources
  • Possible "conflict" when using both an Action and a DGO setting in inspector to start a DGO project