OnTheAir Video, OnTheAir Video Express - Version 4.1.1
Jun 30

Release Notes for OnTheAir Video Express and OnTheAir Video

  • Added compatibility with T-Tap Pro
  • Changing the clip end behaviour on a playing clip will be applied immediately (previously it would only be applied the next time it played)
  • Contact Support: We now send the playlists used by the scheduler
  • The "Now Playing" will now also bring the playing playlist front, you do not need to be on the playlist itself anymoret
  • Searching in playlists is not case sensitive anymore
  • Behaviour with Locked/unlocked playlists. It is now possible again to edit playlists that are not playing.
  • Issue with Stream Deck, when using the built-in integration, and switching from one Softron application to another Softron application
  • Issues when doing skip to previous/next with next or previous clip offline
  • Some black frames could be seen when starting a clip shorter than 8 seconds
  • Field priority issues in SD PAL

Release notes for OnTheAir Video only

  • Added the ability to run macros on ATEM using AppleScripts
  • Scheduler: Event may not stop if there were manual stops, or if the same playlist is reused multiple times before an event
  • The "color label" badge was shown at the same place as the "clocked" item icon
  • Traffic Option: Media Browser: would sometimes not become ready in very specific cases (on a very fast computer such as the Mac Studio, with very few media items stored on the internal drive for example)
  • Traffic Option: Skip to previous icon was disabled with traffic playlists
  • Traffic Option: Discrepancies between playlist and media browser status