MovieRecorder, MovieRecorder Express - Version 4.5
Sep 30

Release Notes for MovieRecorder Express and MovieRecorder

  • NDI: Updated NDI SDK to version 5.5
  • REST API: Added a /info request to get info about the application and computer (version number, demo mode, etc...)
  • Blackmagic-Design devices: When using devices with connector mapping, such as the Decklink Duo 2, Quad 2 or 8K Pro, we can now display which SDI connector is used by the device (click on the device name and format in the sources list).
  • Blackmagic-Design devices: We log when there is a configuration change made by Blackmagic-Design Desktop Video Setup.
  • AJA devices: Issues with name of AJA devices
  • Remote Control: Possible crash when controlling MovieRecorder remotely
  • Viewers: Refresh rate of preview was not properly applied
  • UI: When clicking on the red icon of the window to close it, we now ask confirmation to stop the recording
  • Remote Control: Preview in remote was black when using 10bit sources in macOS 12
  • Streaming: Issues with downscaling in streaming destinations
  • TimeCode: When using Mac Clock TC source, and fps is 23.98, we now compensate for the fact that there is no DF
  • Classic Destinations: When encoding to ProRes, using a classic destination, you could see "Encoder produced a frame that exceeded max size

Release notes for MovieRecorder only

Intel users: Future versions of MovieRecorder will be one universal application compatible for both Apple Silicon and Intel models. Note: DV codecs are not supported in this version. Support restored in MovieRecorder versions 4.5.7 and up.
  • AVID DNx: Added native support for DNxHD and DNxHR with Apple Silicon computers. You don't have to start the application with Rosetta anymore. This should bring improved performances on M1 and M2 computers when running natively
  • Scheduled Recordings: Added a webpage to view and edit the scheduled recordings. The page can be viewed at this url (change the IP address if not on the same computer - and make sure to enable "Remote Control" in the General preferences of MovieRecorder):
  • Actions: Changed the name of the AppleScript menus to reflect more what is happening (instead of before start, it now says on start as the AppleScript is triggered when the recording starts/ends)
  • Actions: The 'Action on error' popup menu in "Preferences > General" is now properly saved
  • Metadata: Issues when importing metadata from another computer
  • Multi-Destinations: When using multiple destinations one one source using H264 or HEVC we did not reuse the encoder, even if AVPreset was the same, and thus reencoded multiple times.