MovieRecorder, MovieRecorder Express - Version 4.5.1
Dec 08

Release Notes for MovieRecorder Express and MovieRecorder

  • AJA devices: Memory leak when receiving RP188 timecode with AJA sources
  • Viewers: When moving sources around, and preview refresh rate was different than "Every frame", a static frame could remain on the old location of the source in the Viewers
  • Viewers: Preview was not deinterlaced anymore since version 4.5
  • UI: Fixed minor alignments issues
  • NDI Sources: The "Variable frame rate" options was not always "clickable"
  • Quicktime Classic Destinations: When recording to ProRes to a Classic destination, on computers with hardware acceleration (M1 Max or Ultra for example), some encoded frames could be too large to be saved in the file. This change increases the datarate of some ProRes flavours and formats

Release notes for MovieRecorder only

Intel users: Future versions of MovieRecorder will be one universal application compatible for both Apple Silicon and Intel models. Note: DV codecs are not supported in this version. Support restored in MovieRecorder versions 4.5.7 and up.
  • Metadata: Issue when changing set