MovieRecorder, MovieRecorder Express - Version 4.5.3
Apr 07

Release Notes for MovieRecorder Express and MovieRecorder

  • NDI: Updated NDI SDK to version 5.5.3
  • QuickTime Classic Destinations: When the QuickTime file writer has an unknown error, MovieRecorder will now resume recording in a new file after the error. Previously the recording would be stopped.
  • Stream Deck: Added compatibility with new models of Stream Deck Mini and XL
  • Blackmagic-Design: Logs could tell that there was no incoming signal, while in fact there was and it was an invalid frame that was received
  • Logs: Improved logs, and added log when CPU usage goes above some limits
  • NDI: Added an option to change the audio reference level to +20dB
  • UI: Minor UI improvements (Wider token areas in custom naming, ...)
  • Remote Control: Issue with the embedded control web page when using It did not return the index.html page. It is now fixed, but note that with previous versions, it was possible overcome by using instead
  • NDI: The pixel format popup menu now updates correctly depending on the incoming format (this was just a UI display issue, the recorded file should have been correct in previous version)
  • UI: Issues with remaining time not shown when starting recording using REST API and specifying the record duration.
  • UI: Remaining time vs elapsed time swap when clicking on elapsed/remainingTimeTextField
  • Remote Control: Issues when locking/unlocking sources in remote. It was not working on multiple sources at once.
  • Possible issue when using multiple destinations. This could happen: "Error: An unknown error (-11800 The operation could not be completed, underlying error -16364 The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -16364.)) occured. As a result, the destination will stop."

Release Notes for MovieRecorder only

  • Videohub Control: Added the "directly" method in AppleScript
  • Metadata: Possible crash when editing metadata in preferences
  • Ross Ultrix Control: Issues with Ross Probel switching. (We now log correctly if the switch was done correctly or not, and we can wait with beforeStartActions that the switch has taken place before starting a live clip).