OnTheAir Video, OnTheAir Video Express - Version 4.1.3
Apr 12

Important changes!

1. New behaviours with some external triggers
With this version, we are changing the behaviour of some actions done via "external triggers", such as: GPICommander, Stream Deck, REST API, AppleScripts, MIDI, ATEM or Tricaster.
Some of the actions will now be done on the "playing" playlist instead of the "front" playlist. These are the playback actions that are "relative to" the playing clip:

  • Stop
  • Pause/Resume (release pause)
  • Skip to next/previous clip
  • Cue next/previous clip
  • Re-cue current clip
  • Re-play current clip
  • Now playing (or go to playing)
  • Play Next / Go to Next

Other controls will still be done on the "front" playlist, including some playback controls such as:

  • Play
  • Cue
  • Cue Selected Clip
  • Play Selected Clip
  • Other requests are done on the font playlist.

2. New default resize mode behaviour
With this version, we are changing the behaviour of the "default" resize modes. Previously, the resize modes worked as follows: when you set a default mode in the settings, it would only apply to all clips added to the playlist from that moment on. It did not apply to all past clips. All clips added to the playlist had the resize mode selected in preferences.
We have now added a "default" resize mode in the clip inspector. When you select that mode, we will apply whatever resize mode is selected in the preferences. By default, all clips added to the playlist have the "Default" resize mode applied.

Release Notes for OnTheAir Video Express and OnTheAir Video 4.1.3

  • Playlists: Added the ability to replace a clip's media file with a drag-and-drop. Hold the command key down while drag-and-dropping over a clip
  • Playlists: Added the ability to select a "Hold to black", instead of "Hold last frame" (in defaults preferences)
  • Playlists: Added the ability to set a color to comments (right-click on a comment in the playlist)
  • Playlists: Added the ability to select more "Remaining times". Previously when right clicking on the remaining time in a playlist, you could select "Clip" or "Playlist". Now you can also have the remaining time until the next "Live", next "Comment", next "Selection", or the next item with an "Auto Start Date/time", or the "Auto" feature will be either a Live or an item with an "Auto Start Date/time", depending on which one is the most recent.
  • Timing Windows: Added more countdowns: Next "live", next "clocked", next "comment", next "selection" to allow to display more information.
  • GPICommander: Added the ability to trigger more actions types when status of inputs change. In the "Triggers" preference pane, select GPICommander, and at the top you can choose a new type "Multi-usage" where the logic is different: for each input, you can select an action to be triggered when status change from off to on (Control DGO projects, SCTE triggers, send AppleScript, Control playback, ...)
  • Stream Deck/AppleScripts: Added the ability to do a "Play Next" on the selected clip
  • Playlists: Auto-update of playlists saved on a NAS and edited by 2 users at the same time is now behaving better on Monterey and later
  • Playlists: When adding a "Play next" clip, we now display at the top of the playlist an area showing which clip will play next.
  • Blackmagic-Design: Added notifications when Blackmagic-Design devices profile changes, and improved how the devices are listed in the menu
  • Resize Modes: There is now a "Default" resize mode for clips in playlists. This setting will use whatever resize mode is used in preferences. This is a behaviour change.
  • Contact Support: When updating tickets, some tickets may have been missing
  • Inspector: When using timecode, and using +- to add or subsctract time, it did not work anymore
  • Stream Deck: Added support for Stream Deck Mini and Stream Deck XL MK2
  • MXF: Playback issues of some MXF files with weird frame rates.

Release notes for OnTheAir Video only 4.1.3

  • Traffic option: Added the ability to add a clip by ID. Works the same way as a "Replace by ID"
  • REST API: Added the ability to get the thumbnail of the video output to get a preview of what is going out of OnTheAir Video remotely (GET /playback/thumbnail)
  • REST API: (playback_timing_changed WebSocket): Added next live info to the playback WS: "next_live_unique_id", "next_live_display_name", "remaining_time_until_next_live
  • REST API: Added the ability to "resynchronize" the schedule
  • Clips Validation: Added a check if file is "truncated" (the file was not completely downloaded for example). If a file is truncated, we indicate it as invalid as it can create issues. Note that MovieRecorder growing files are still supported.
  • Schedule: When the schedule file can not be found, or when dropping a playlist and there is no event, we now show an alert.
  • Auto start date/time: Added the ability to set the auto start date/time (clocked) in the inspector
  • Live Sources: Intermittent interlacing issues when starting live sources using interlaced formats
  • Folder-based playlists: fixed an issue when copying files, with accents, via SMB
  • Ross Ultrix: Issues with Ross Probel switching. (We now log correctly if the switch was done correctly or not, and we can wait with beforeStartActions that the switch has taken place before starting a live clip).