Multicam Logger - Version 2.2.7
May 16
  • IMPORTANT CHANGE: You can now export all angle changes in DEMO mode, no need for a license anymore to export. So the only limitation of the DEMO mode is the number of angles logged by Multicam Logger (10 max). Previously you could only export max 10 angle changes in demo mode. We have removed this limitation of demo mode to make the life of our users easier.
  • Added the ability to "Merge" some angles. Select the multiple (consecutive) angles, right-click and select "Merge using" to select the angle that should be used
  • Improved the behaviour if two angle changes were done at the same timecode (for example if there was an issue with the timecode received). We now keep the last angle change.
  • We now prevent display/system from going to sleep when there is no user interaction
  • Changed the title of the "Preferences" window to "Settings" to match the name of the menu in Ventura