OnTheAir Video, OnTheAir Video Express - Version 4.1.6
Sep 12

Release notes for OnTheAir Video Express and OnTheAir Video

  • NDI: Now using SDK version 5.5.4
  • Timing Window: Added the ability to display the clip timecode
  • Timing Window: Changed the order of the times in the drop down to match the ones of the playlist counters
  • Playlist: Added the ability to display either the clip elapsed duration or the clip timecode (in the small counter on top left of the sliders)
  • Performances: Added code to prevent App nap
  • Read: Performances improvements when reading from some SMB storage

Release notes for OnTheAir Video only

  • Remote: Added the ability to show the timing window remotely
  • Remote: Some duplicated playlists could be created
  • Transitions: When removing built-in transitions, the preference is now correctly saved on Intel computers
  • Transitions: When replacing the video of a custom transition, the duration is now properly updated
  • Transitions: Corrected the playlist duration when using transitions, with clip end behaviours that are not in chain
  • Subtitling (OP-47): Fixed compatibility issues with some STL files
  • Schedule: Playlist start times are now always correct when double-clicking on a playlist in the schedule
  • AppleScript Videohub Control: The existing syntax (using inputs and outputs) was not working anymore because of a conflict. It has now been changed to sources and destinations. Note that we recommend using the "switch" syntax. Read more... OnTheAir Video Express only

Release notes for OnTheAir Video Express only

  • Activations: Checkmark and Cross icons were missing, which could led to thinking that the activation was not done