MovieRecorder, MovieRecorder Express - Version 4.5.7
Sep 27

Release Notes for MovieRecorder and MovieRecorder Express 4.5.7

  • AVC Intra: Issues when encoding to AVC Intra

Release Notes for MovieRecorder Express and MovieRecorder 4.5.6

  • Activity & Logs Window: Remaining disk space when using local storage is now more accurate
  • NDI: Added the ability to select "Embedded Timecode" as timecode source
  • NDI: Now using SDK version 5.5.4
  • ProRes: Bitrates for ProRes 4444 was too high (if you were using this codec before, make sure to test, check "Activity & Logs" window for any error about frame size and report to us)
  • Deltacast cards: Issues in SD NTSC: 8bit was not supported, and some potential issues with audio
  • UI: VU meters could be displayed in the wrong order

Release Notes for MovieRecorder only 4.5.6

  • AVPresets: Added support for DV codecs. WARNING: There is a known issue for "Classic" destinations: you must add a AVPreset effect to resize to 720x480. If you don’t do that, recording won’t work (it will start but will fail to write to disk). This will be improved in a future release.