OnTheAir Video, OnTheAir Video Express - Version 4.1.8
Apr 15

Release Notes for OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Video Express 4.1.7

  • Engine:Optimised performances when displaying a large number of logs in the Activity & Logs window
  • Engine:Performances when reading from HFS Volumes
  • Engine:We can now use the Apple Silicon hardware acceleration to decompress Apple ProRes 4444 clips with Alpha

Release Notes for OnTheAir Video 4.1.7 only

  • REST API: REST API: Added the ability to check for missing clips (http://:/playlists//items//validate)
  • Added an icon when a GPI trigger is set on a clip
  • Prepared compatibility for the migration to OnTheAir Video 4.2. It is recommended to go first to version 4.1.7 before using 4.2 (particularly for remote control)
  • Remote Control: Now retrieving the transitions (including their durations), actions and logo overlays from the remote instance (instead of showing the local ones).
  • REST API: you can now retrieve the duration of the clips that will include the duration of the transition applied to the clip. You will find these new properties: "chained_playback_duration_timecode" : "00:00:10" "non_chained_playback_duration_timecode" : "00:00:10" "chained_playback_duration" : 10.05 "non_chained_playback_duration" : 10.05 The first two provide a text representation of the duration, the last two a duration in seconds. The “chained_playback_duration” is the duration when the clip is following another one. The “non_chained_playback_duration” is the duration of the clip when played by itself (or at the beginning of a playlist). If no transition, the numbers will be identical.
  • Playlists: Issues with calculation of playlist durations when using custom transitions, and the playlist was in chain
  • Ross Ultrix Control: Issues when controlling a Ross Ultrix with the ProBell protocol, and using AUX sources
  • Logs: Some excessive logging about duplicated frames when using custom transitions
  • Playlists: Start times and durations were not updated if a clip was created remotely as "deactivated".
  • Potential crash in macOS 11 (Big Sur) and earlier. Introduced in OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Video Express 4.1.6

Release Notes for OnTheAir Video Express 4.1.8

  • Express fix for an issue that was left behing, sorry...