Apr 02
OnTheAir CG 3.5.4
  • OnTheAir CG Server: Added SCTE event counter (when the parameter is missing)
  • OnTheAir CG Server: Performances when using Apple Remote Desktop
  • OnTheAir CG Server & Designer:Now requesting for "Full Disk Access", so we don't ask each time we need access to folders
  • OnTheAir CG Server & Designer:Contact support now supports "dark mode"
  • OnTheAir CG Designer: Issue when drag and dropping shape items in timeline
  • OnTheAir CG Designer: Text was not immediately refreshing in the preview
  • OnTheAir CG Server & Designer:Issue with relative paths
Jul 01
OnTheAir CG 3.5.3
  • Crash with Mojave or earlier versions (in version 3.5.1)
  • Digital Clock: Horizontal alignments was wrong