• Updated NDI SDK to 5.6.1
  • Fixed potential crash when adding bookmarks
  • Added "Contact Support..." menu to get help easily from Softron
  • Fixed crash with some Blackmagic-Design devices when using SD

This is the first version of OnTheAir WebLink available. It currently comes with the following limitations (there will soon be new versions that will improve these):

  • No audio output yet, which can create an issue if you try to record, from direct link, in MovieRecorder. It won't start the recording. To record, remove all audio tracks from your custom AVPreset.
  • Some videos will not play. OnTheAir WebLink currently does not play proprietary codecs such as H.264.

While the following limitations won't be changed in future releases, as it's inherent to how OnTheAir WebLink works:

  • For obvious copyright reasons, it is not possible to play protected content from OnTheAir WebLink. You won't be able to play protected videos on YouTube (note that some videos are not protected), nor play videos on VOD services. This limitation will be there with the release version.
  • OnTheAir WebLink uses an embedded browser. There may be limitations logging into some websites. For example it is not possible to log in to any Google service (including YouTube). This limitation will be there with the release version.