Playlist-based remote control application for OnTheAir Node

OnTheAir Live is a playlist manager for Live productions that comes bundled with OnTheAir Node and provides the user interface for adding media and controlling playback. As its name implies, OnTheAir Live has all the features required for Live operations such as Cue mode and A/B roll.

Control Multiple OnTheAir Node

Control multiple Nodes from one OnTheAir Live. As it's a client-server type of application, you can run OnTheAir Live on a different computer than OnTheAir Node, so you can have OnTheAir Live running on a computer in the control room, while the OnTheAir Nodes are running on a computer in the machine room.

CCheck OnTheAir Node for other features

OnTheAir Live is "just" a free control application for OnTheAir Node. So check the OnTheAir Node page to see all the features and recommendations in terms of file support, codecs, and more.

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Playback Features
  • Read the audio and video playback features of OnTheAir Node
Playlist Controls
  • A/B Roll (one playlist output to 2 OnTheAir Node)
  • Cue mode for Live production
  • Last second change possible
External Controls
  • Can be controlled by:
    • GPI (with GPICommander connected in USB to the computer hosting OnTheAir Live)
  • Can control:
    • GPI triggers (with GPICommander connected in USB)
    • Blackmagic-Design Videohub (Ethernet)
    • AJA Kumo (Ethernet)
    • Other video routers: Grass Valley, Leitch, Kramer... (RS232 or Ethernet)
    • OnTheAir CG (fEthernet)
  • Media Management
    • Automatic relink when a file becomes online or offline
    • File validation
    • Database with all file informations available (Duration, Format, Metadata, ...)
    • Manual refresh for Xsan integration
Other features
  • As-run-logs

Important: the information below is for OnTheAir Live only, read also the OnTheAir Node specifications to know what is required for the playout part.

macOS compatibility
Big Sur
High Sierra
El Capitan
M. Lion
3.2 to 3.3    
3.0 to 3.1         
Specs and Requirements
Required Version by some macOS Version macOS 10.13 to macOS 10.15: Version 3.2 or later (For dongle compatibility)
macOS 11 or later: Version 4.0 or later (Because of UI glitches in the playlist playback controls)
Recommended macOS (for latest version) macOS 10.15.5 or later*
Supported Mac computers All Macs should be supported. Just make sure that it supports the required macOS version (see above)
Recommended RAM 4 GB
Supported Graphics Cards All graphics cards supported
Supported Outputs and codecs No output needed, OnTheAir Live 'only' create playlists to be played by OnTheAir Node. Make sure to check OnTheAir Node's system requirements for the video playout side ().
Compatible Storage Most storage that can sustain the required constant read speed (depending on the number of channels, the codec and format). If you need to run tests, make sure to do long term tests. OnTheAir Live only needs access to the media
Requires Monitor Connected Yes. Even if it should behave fine in most cases, it is recommended to keep a monitor connected at all times for best performances. Or you should make the macOS think that there is a monitor connected. Beware of some KVM switches that can cause interrupts in the signal.
Number of license required One complete license required per computer. One license can handle multiple playlists and OnTheAir Nodes.
Other software requirements Again, OnTheAir Live does not output video, you will need at least one license (one per output channel) of OnTheAir Node. OnTheAir Live will allow you to create your playlists, and OnTheAir Node to play them out.
About these specifications

We know that some of our users can not upgrade their macOS very often. This is why Softron tries to maintain compatibility with older versions of macOS as much as possible, but it is not always possible to achieve. Because Operating Systems are usually significantly improved over previous versions, Softron must use many of the more capable built-in functionalities inherent in Apple's latest OS releases. Failing to do so would mean that Softron software would essentially be blocked from using the new Frameworks provided in the OS. For this reason, Softron's free support is provided only on the current and previous macOS versions. Also, most of our tests will be done on these macOS versions, and only basic tests will be done on the previous OS. We will always try to help, but in some cases, the best solution is to upgrade your macOS to a more recent version.

Softron does not warrant that these recommended configurations will always meet specific user requirements. They are intended as guidelines and are based on extensive testing that Softron has done, they can be changed without notice. Hardware, drivers, software and operating systems change regularly and we advise users and prospective users to evaluate their requirements in their specific environment/workflow using Softron demo licenses that are available for downloading from Softron's web site.

OnTheAir Live 4
Version 4.0 - 27 February 2023

Useful Resources

Installation instructions

Once downloaded, unzip the file, and drag and drop the Application in your Applications Folder.

Other Applications
You will need at least one running and configured OnTheAir Node to use OnTheAir Live. OnTheAir Node is a paid application (one license per output channel). OnTheAir Tools is a free application that will analyse as-run-logs (the scheduling feature is only for OnTheAir Studio and OnTheAir Video)

OnTheAir Node 4
Playout server
More Info...
OnTheAir Tools 1.34
9 December 2019

Upgrade/Update instructions

Just download the latest version and replace your previous version. It is always recommended to run extensive tests with your specific workflow and setup before putting a new version in production. You can use a free demo version for that on a separate computer. Previous legacy versions are available from the general downloads page.

You do not need to deactivate and reactivate your serial number when updating your Softron software. Read the following article to know when to deactivate.

This software uses code of FFmpeg, licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here.


This software uses code of FFmpeg, licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here.

This software uses the MediaInfo library, Copyright (c) 2002-2023 SARL.