• Compatibility Issue with Catalina
  • Fixed an issue with the exports when using macOS Mojave or earlier
  • Added a preference to set the duration of the output pulse (must be set between 1 and 2.000 milliseconds)
  • QuickTime Destinations: Added the ability to use .mp4 and .m4v containers when using the HEVC codec
  • AJA: Added support for different audio inputs on the card (Analog, AES, ...)
  • AVC-Intra: Issues when recording HD sources to AVC-Intra 200 
  • Destinations: Fixed frame rate when having 2 destinations (one is without rate conversion and on with rate conversion)
  • Auto-split: Recording could stop when doing auto-split with H.264 and HEVC recordings

OnTheAir Video 4 is now available for everyone to download as a pre-release version. It is probably one of our biggest releases ever with a host of new features to enhance both the user experience and the performance. As an example, we are adding CG projets directly into OnTheAir Video through the “Dynamic Graphics Overlay” option.

Our development team probably got too excited about this release and decided to add even more exciting new features like a powerful HTTP/REST API, new playback behaviours and many other things. This is why  our release date has slipped "a bit". But, every new license purchased includes a free upgrade to version 4, and there are already TV channels that are using the pre-release version for their production and broadcast, so if you need the best playout software you can already order it now. You won’t need to purchase anything when the final version is released, and, as always, you will enjoy our free support and update.

There are many new features with OnTheAir Video 4. Too many to be listed all here. The best is that you download and try it out, but here are a few that we wanted to highlight:

  1. Dynamic graphics overlay: OnTheAir Video now comes with a built-in Character Generator. Add animated logos, tickers, lower third very easily in your playlist.
  2. Transitions: Use either built-in transitions such as cross-fades, or custom transitions (made with your own movies with an Alpha Channel) to add more dynamics to your playout
  3. On screen video and audio preview. Preview directly on your computer screen what you are playing out.
  4. Secondary Audio Output: Additionally to the video output on the selected video device, you can now also output to another available audio output on your Mac. Works with CoreAudio, so supports the audio devices that are available for macOS (including Dante or MADI).
  5. Streaming input: Supports RTMP video input to play a web stream easily. Just add a "stream clip" to your playlist, enter the RTMP url and start playing it back.
  6. Improved for 24/7 playout stations: We have improved the built-in scheduler of OnTheAir Video for easy broadcast scheduling. But we also have added features to be used by major broadcasters, such as a new integration with Wide Orbit Traffic software for advanced master control operation. OnTheAir Video can now be used as a playout automation solution with features that were until now available only with expensive solutions.
  7. Improved for Live shows:  With audio countdown announcements, get a voice telling you automatically when the remaining time is 30, 20, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2. No need to have someone look at the remaining time.
  8. And many more improvements: such as Automatic Folder-based Playlist, shuffle playback, Comments, new REST API to control OnTheAir Video remotely, simply from a web page, etc...
  • XDCAM: Issue when setting in point with XDCAM clips. (First frame would still be shown)
  • Inspector: Resize issue of the inspector window when changing from the Timeline to the Attributes tab
  • Crash with Mojave or earlier versions (in version 3.5.1)
  • Digital Clock: Horizontal alignments was wrong
  • Export to Premiere: Issues with markers not exported when creating the Adobe Premiere XML
  • Crash when resizing columns
  • Activity & Logs Window: Added an option to split the window vertically or horizontally
  • Stream Deck: Stream Deck status buttons on remote sources
  • Remote Control: Issues with Catalina